Storm in a Teacup: Roseanne Tang

Roseanne is one of Singapore and Australia’s top beauty bloggers. Actually, she might possibly be the only beauty blogger with such a strong following in both countries. She’s quickly reaching 10,000 subscribers on YouTube and was recently featured in the Singapore broadsheet, The Straits Times, and its style supplement, URBAN. Roseanne’s also launched her own .com:, a beauty blog updated daily with beauty tips and tutorials (how does she do it??). It’s even got a spanky new forum to go with the site where members can discuss and sell beauty products!

We met a year ago in Art History but back then, I had no idea she was this big beauty blogger and no one knew I had a blog either so let’s leave it at that, fast forward 1.5 years later to the first time we’ve met officially as bloggers: we’re at one of my favourite spots for coffee and I was feeling sick that day so I forgo my usual skinny cappuccino and ask for a chai latte instead. Roseanne orders a strong, skinny latte. Damn, girl. She tells me she’s been studying for her exams and needs the caffeine. I can empathise: I was chugging two cups of coffee and a redbull almost every night writing up my essays the week before. We talk about our blogs and I listen in awe as she tells me her success story, all interspersed with little anecdotes about her love life. After coffee, she passes me her camera and asks for some tips, “I’m trying to figure out how to use this camera properly, I’m always looking for ways to make my blog better – I just want to be better.”

We have lunch after that and I ask Roseanne, “So what’s coming up next for you and the blog?”
“I want to do more collaborations with other bloggers”
“Oh my god!! We should totally do one together!”
“I was just going to ask you! Ah this is so exciting!”
“You know what Roseanne, there’s something I’ve been meaning to do..”

We’ve all seen the amazing ‘behind the scenes’-type websites that take you into the homes and reveal the beauty secrets of celebrities and fashion insiders. But what about the lifestyle side of things? And while most of us don’t possess the same amount of wealth and multiple estates these celebrities have, I’m positive our lives are just as fascinating. And I want to prove that by uncovering and learning the little quirks and everyday rituals that make a person through some casual conversation and an inquisitive (some might say voyeuristic ;p) peek into what goes on in their daily lives. Welcome to Storm in a Teacup, a new series on tea noir focused specifically on the lifestyle.

I wake up at like 7 or 8 – in Singapore, it’s 7 but here [Melbourne], it’s 8. Depends when I sleep, really. I wake up..and open my computer. I actually look at my Blackberry first so usually when I sleep, I have it next to me. And when I wake up, I check my email. I have so many emails, I get uh..a lot. I’ll probably wake up to 30 emails or something. And then, I’ll get my computer and I won’t leave the bed yet [laughs].

I’ll check my website, my Facebook page, my Twitter, my Gmail to see if I have anything that I need to do. Then I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to make my website better, you know if there are new plugins available, or I’ll do some research: I’ll read social media articles or search engine optimisation – today, I added CommentLuv. I think your blog [tea noir] has it too? So after doing all that, I decide I should probably go study [laughs].

During the semester [Roseanne majors in Marketing], I multi-task a lot. When I have lectures, I bring my laptop along and edit my pictures on one side of the screen and take my notes on the other. ‘Cos I don’t like waiting; I don’t like urm if the lecturer starts to ramble about something that’s not going to be important – I can’t stand it [laughs] so I have to edit my pictures while he’s doing that. That’s pretty much how I can post regularly and save time.

I do most of my writing at night and my videos in the morning. It doesn’t take a long time for me to write a blog post: for me, writing comes naturally and everything just comes out. But a detailed blog post takes ages; you have to do the make-up on you, take the pictures and edit them. Lifestyle blogs are easier, I think, you just take photos of you having fun? I want to do more of that.

I hang out with my friends a lot; we always go out for food! I love eating! My friend’s a food blogger so she always takes me out to eat. If there’s exams, I eat whatever I want and I don’t gym. I plump up like no frickin’ tomorrow and I go to Singapore and then lose everything. I know that my body gains weight fast and loses weight really fast so I don’t have to worry so much when I gain too much weight because I know I can just lose it. But during the semester, I swim regularly in the mornings or go to the gym. I just don’t bother during exams.

During the week, I watch what I eat; I’ll eat more salads, more healthy food but I’ll eat what I want on weekends. I find that it puts you in the habit of things? Because it becomes habitual when you eat oatmeal in the morning, a chicken salad in the afternoon and this or that at night, then you eat whatever you want with your friends during the weekend. The exam period’s a little crazy though, you’ll find me eating pretzels, bagels and whatever [laughs]. I’m not much of a tea person; I live on coffee. I need to have it everyday. I always get a skinny latte or a skinny mocha – skinny mochas are like my exam drink.

When I first started out, I was all high-end like Chanel, MAC, NARS and stuff, and then gradually, I realised that everything should matter in make-up; not just the high-end lines but the drugstore stuff as well? And because I’ve already wallowed in high-end brands for so long, the drugstore is a new place I haven’t been to. It’s more fun for me to buy drugstore stuff now because people can buy it; it’s not some Chanel Vitalumiere foundation – I think that’s $75 and not a lot of people can afford that. Plus, my readers are 18 to 20-year-olds so they might not have the cash to buy the expensive stuff. I don’t even have the cash to keep up with that!

I love shopping at – best place ever! I buy my Tory Burch, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Michael Kors from there. They’re so expensive in Melbourne and in Singapore as well. My Michael Kors watch would have cost $600 in Singapore but I bought it for a fraction of that on the website. These are my occasional indulgences – I only buy one per semester.

I tend to be an extremist. I can be like totally into gyming, or I’m really into dieting or not into dieting. I’m not much of a balanced person which is really bad? I feel like I should be on that middle path and take things slow..It’s just that if I work hard on something and I don’t see results, I get disappointed with myself so by doing as much as I can, in terms of effort, I can see the results. I have to immerse myself in one thing or not immerse at all – that’s how I roll.

Thanks for having me Roseanne! You guys can also check out my guest entry on photography I did for Roseanne’s blog: Beauty Blogging Tip – How to Take Great Pictures of Make-Up! ;)

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9 Responses to “Storm in a Teacup: Roseanne Tang”
  1. Roseanne says:

    I loved this hun, thanks so much for doing it! <3
    Roseanne recently posted Beauty Blogging Tip – How to Take Great Pictures of Make-Up! by


    ilyana's reply:

    Nooo, I have to thank you! Storm in a Teacup wouldn’t have existed if not for our brainstorming sessions! Thank you so much for your time, love! xx


  2. iqa says:

    this is a good post babe. love the pictures <3
    iqa recently posted Brick Lane,again.


    ilyana's reply:

    Thank you so much!! And I see you’ve moved to a different domain, I’ll check it out after my move! xoxo


  3. Dejiki says:

    This is a really nice write-up! Then again, you are featuring a fabulous blogger. ARE YOU SURE you want to write about me lol?
    Dejiki recently posted Starbot Cafe: Human Refueling Center


    ilyana's reply:

    Thank you bb, it means a lot to me that you like it :) Anyway, OF COURSE I AM DOING ONE ON YOU! You’re an excellent blogger and besides, I don’t want Storm to be focused solely on bloggers anyway – it’s about ordinary people like you and I ;D


    Dejiki's reply:

    Except that you are Extraordinary lol.
    Dejiki recently posted Transformers: The Ride


  4. Dee says:

    Lovely post! I knew I was going to enjoy this. I can’t wait for the next entry!
    Dee recently posted Ma, Crayola Hit Me!


  5. Eek, I love this! And didn’t guess it at all, so yay for surprises :P
    Looking forward to the rest of your series~
    Makeup Morsels recently posted An Ode to By Kilian*


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