Here’s something I’ll miss doing when I was still living at the old apartment: having coffee at Alimentari. I’ve written about this cafe before here and at that time, I thought it was just an unnamed deli too cool, too chic to fiddle with names. One of my readers, Sher Reen (HEY GIRLLL! ;p), commented that said deli/cafe did have a name so that’s that lol. While some of its mystery has dwindled with the unveiling of its true name, you have to agree with me – Alimentari is one hell of a haute word. I thought it was a smart improvisation of ‘elementary’ at first but a quick google search tells me alimentari is actually Italian for food basics. Mmm. I can’t say I’ve tried their food since everything seems to be dripping in pork fat lol but their coffee? As fantastic as it looks in my pictures.

Here’s a quick update on what went down the last couple of weeks:

1) I’ve moved and am absolutely thrilled with my new place. I can’t believe I’m actually living in the city! My zip code’s Melbourne 3000 which isn’t as catchy as 90210 but I feel like I’ve made it somehow.

2) Results were released the first day of my move and my friends are tired of hearing me say this, but last semester was seriously my worst semester ever. I fell ill during the submission period and had to write all my essays while drugged by every brand of painkillers I could get my hands on. I also had terrible luck with essay questions this semester; I had to change my chosen question three times because Google wasn’t feeling any of them and (this is very painful to admit) some idiot actually got to the library books before I did. WTF SOMEONE IN SCHOOL IS ACTUALLY MORE KIASU THAN ME?! IMPOSSIBLE.

I was jittery the entire morning and refused to check the results until I couldn’t take the suspense anymore. So I did and I scored 3 distinctions and an A! I don’t know how the heck that happened but I am very, very, very thankful. Thank you God, you amaze me. I’m going to have to step it up next semester, get straight distinctions and borrow all my library books 2 months before my essay deadlines or something. These people need to know they’re dealing with a relentless Singaporean mmkay. Just kidding.

…or am I? ;p

3) Playing host/tour guide to friends and family is the worst thing to do in the midst of a move. My cousin flew in just as we were moving and dude, the residual stress from trying to fit the past two years of your life into boxes will temporarily disable all socializing skills, I can tell you that. Thankfully, the city itself was beautiful enough to captivate my cousin or we’d have failed as hosts tbh. Moving is serious business man, I don’t want to do it again.

4) I declined my dad’s offer to get me a Prada wallet as a reward for my grades and an additional bribe to keep them up next year. I know, I said NO TO A FREE PRADA OMFG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? There’s a story behind why I said no though, and honestly, do I really need another Prada wallet? (Yes, yes, I do lol DAMN IT).

I’m flying home in a week YAYYYYYY! I can’t wait to start working on Storm in a Teacup when I’m back in Singapore again, thank you so much for all your FB ‘likes’ and comments on the project! I was so scared nobody was going to find it interesting but everything worked out for the best. I’m still ironing out some issues with both my new and old apartments and my roommate’s family is here too so this might just be my last entry before I’m back in Singapore :( Ah well, I’ll see you guys soon on the hotter side of the planet, take care x

251 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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6 Responses to “Alimentari”
  1. Dejiki says:

    Nice to hear that you’ve settled down (amidst all the crazy factory outlet “shopping”) and of course your RESULTS. My “doomsday” is next Tuesday and I AM SO GLAD that I’m hosting my cousins and family at Universal Studios.

    Can’t wait for you to come back! XD
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    ilyana's reply:

    Thanks bb! You know you’re always welcome to visit (btw you should srsly consider a trip to Melb since it might be my last year lol) Anyway, don’t worry about your results lah – it’s going to be good as usual YOU WEREN’T THE TOP STUDENT IN TDS FOR NOTHIN’ 8D

    Can’t wait to see you and your sister!! <3333333


  2. zahirah says:

    we can meet up when you’re back! i just arrived sg too.


    ilyana's reply:

    Oh yes it’s been a long time coming – we always seem to have conflicting schedules! Drop me a msg on my facebook and we can work something out ;D


  3. Jamilla says:

    Congrats about your results! So happy for you!! Thanks for sharing the lovely pics!
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    ilyana's reply:

    thank you love! x


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